FIFPro are the World Players’ Union, and FIFA recognises it as the sole representative of the players

Currently 55 national players’ associations are members of FIFPro including PFA Ireland 

FIFPro hold congress once a year, each congress is held in a different country every year and PFA Ireland attends this annual event.  PFA Ireland is also part of FIFPro Division Europe 

All players in the League of Ireland are entitled to vote for the FIFPro World Player of the Year and FIFPro World Team of the Year.  Your vote is important, please use it wisely



PFA Ireland is a section of SIPTU Services Division

SIPTU is the country’s biggest Trade Union representing over 200,000 workers in Ireland from virtually every category of employment across the Irish economy

SIPTU provides PFA Ireland with the necessary back-up services required in dealing with employment disputes




PFA Ireland, in conjunction with Waverley Sports & Fitness Academy, offer member’s fitness instructor programmes which qualifies members to work as fitness coaches with clubs and teams and to work in gyms, fitness clubs and leisure centres. WSFA also supply PFA Ireland members with career guidance information for the sports and fitness sectors. (Please see careers section for information on Fitness course)”

As regards “mapping” the fitness programme to FAI coaching qualifications, it maps just below UEFA B in terms of commitment and hours (the UEFA B license has more contact hours)